A NEW ERA in CT Tube Manufacturing

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If you are a service organization or hospital repair group you have probably heard of our products manufactured in Aurora, Illinois. The CT third-party replacement tubes we've manufactured for over 30 years have set a high bar for quality, standards compliance, price effectiveness, and availability.

Chronos Imaging is firmly rooted in this strong legacy while bringing a whole new perspective to an established industry. Building on Chronos Healthcare's service organization DNA, we are excited to launch a unique combination of quality tube manufacturing and excellent service.

Ultimately, customers decide who's best. And they choose Chronos Imaging.


CT Replacement Tubes

CT replacement tubes are our life. It’s all we do. From design to manufacturing to supply chain management, we offer a wide selection of CT replacement products. Based in Aurora, Illinois we are proudly American-Made.



Independent service organizations provide a vital service maintaining the CT infrastructure for hospitals, imaging centers, and research organizations. They have unparalleled knowledge of the CT install base, customer environment, and OEM equipment. It’s incredibly important for them to have a dependable supply source for replacement parts. Chronos imaging is here to help.

If you have a team of repair technicians and an organization that troubleshoots CT tubes, let’s talk. We offer a unique proposition and many ways for you to offer additional value to your customers.

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Our Most Important Assets: Our People

People are the reason we do what we do. We build products that help people -- and we are always looking for great talent to help us in that mission. We have a collaborative culture and a challenging but fun working environment. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, and we'd love to talk to you; especially if you have expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, supply chain management, materials engineering, or quality and regulatory engineering.


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